Merigian Studios

Your First Visit

Your initial encounter with Dr. Merigian is usually two to three hours long. He requires an extensive blood analysis before your initial encounter with him. Your blood draw is usually donated two to three weeks before your new patient appointment to assure the tests results are available before he meets with you. Sometimes it is necessary to perform more blood tests to verify or refute your initial findings. There are a few issues related to the laboratory tests that warrant discussion.
The retail value of your blood testing may be as much as five thousand dollars or more. If you wish for our office to bill the blood testing to your medical insurance carrier, recognize that your medical insurance carrier may refuse to cover any of it. The Stone Institute has arrangements with local laboratories to supply testing to us for a reduced fee. However, the fee is a cash price and must be paid at the point of service. The fee is about twenty percent of the retail price; Five thousand dollars’ worth of tests would roughly cost one thousand dollars. We encourage patients to consider the costs of the initial panel of tests before they decide who should shoulder the fee. The staff can answer any questions concerning laboratory costs. Aside from blood testing, you will undergo Computerized Regulation Thermography, Dark Field Microscopy, Bio-Analysis Impedance Testing, and breath analysis for metabolic function. Dr. Merigian uses all the test results to get a full understanding of your clinical condition.
Dr. Merigian will take a thorough history. If needed, he will perform a focused physical. Afterward, he will reveal your test results and discuss the impacts of your results on your health. He will make diagnoses based on the findings that are present in your history, blood analysis, and clinical testing.
Our typical patient will have an initial examination, then a two-week follow-up, a one-month follow-up, a three-month follow-up, and a six-month follow-up from the date of the original examination. Seldom are more follow-up visits necessary. Each follow-up encounter is scheduled for 30 minutes.
Patients are encouraged to contact the office via email. Email is the preferred method of clinical communication. Phone calls are difficult to handle. We try to return calls as soon as possible. The staff answers emails within 24 hours. Dr. Merigian reads and answers all emails even though his staff will send the communication.
Walk-in traffic is encouraged for our patients if they are acutely ill and require urgent or emergent therapy. Dr. Merigian evaluates walk-in patients between his scheduled patients. Dr. Merigian does not see new or unfamiliar patients as walk-ins, as he is not running a public urgent care facility.