Merigian Studios

Patient Care

“Let them drive their own bus.  I’ll sit behind and help supervise the difficult turns."

Doc's approach to patient care is personal attention.  He begins by assessing all aspects of a patient’s life, determining as many disturbances as possible, stepping into the patient’s world to feel the person’s illness, and then he provides helpful, constructive, and individualized advice to reduce the disharmonies. 

New patients are given as much time as necessary to reveal their detailed medical biography.  Doc usually asks for what may appear to be insignificant information to fill in the puzzle of complicated illnesses.  Doc most times understands your needs and develops as complete as possible a therapeutic treatment, or "therapeutic adventure", as he calls it. 

He is a listener.  He is a patient advocate.  He believes that patients should guide their own therapeutic adventure to the greatest extent possible.  He wants patients to take control of their health. 

You can read more about Doc's patient care philosophies on his blog.