Merigian Studios

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dr. Merigian see new patients?

Yes!  Dr. Merigian routinely accepts into his practice three new patients weekly.  The average time spent with a new patient is approximately two hours.  In order to streamline care, he requires a full panel of blood tests and thermography prior to the two hour assessment.  Subsequent visits are usually thirty to sixty minutes long.  Referrals from an established patient are given priority when scheduling an initial visit. Physician referrals are also honored. 

Do you accept insurance?

We do not file insurance for your office visits.  We are considered out of network by all insurance companies.  However, if you would like to file your insurance, we can provide you with the required forms to do so. Please note that we are not responsible for knowing your personal insurance benefit information.

We will request a copy of your insurance card and/or your policy information in order to submit with any lab work that might be ordered.  We will work with your insurance company to determine the preferred lab.

When will I get the results from my lab work?

Lab results vary in terms of the amount of tests that have been ordered by Dr. Merigian and also the preferred lab that is processing the results. Generally, final, fully completed lab work reports take three to four weeks. 

Our office does receive partial reports as individual tests are completed. As individual results are sent to our office, they are reviewed by Tammy and Dr. Merigian. If anything needs to be addressed with you before the entire lab panel is complete, you will be notified via phone. Once all ordered lab work is completed and the final reports have been reviewed, Tammy will call to discuss the results with you. If you have scheduled a follow-up appointment to discuss lab results with Dr. Merigian directly, you may not receive a phone call.  

What is Paleo?

Paleo is the lifestyle that Doc recommends to most all of his patients.  Paleo refers to a way of life as it surrounds your eating habits.  Most of the patients we see have common problems with yeast colonization in their gastrointestinal tract.  Part of the healing process involves developing a lifestyle change.  Patients are advised to eat whole, natural, unprocessed foods and also stay away from sugars, starches, and dairy products.  The end result is a finite group of meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and oils.  Please see our FOOD PLAN page here for more information about the food plan and the chefs that help create wonderful meals for our patients.  

What is a CRT?

Computerized Regulation Thermography is best described within the DIAGNOSTICS page, found here. Thermography is a method to examine and quantify the effects of stress on the body.  It allows a physician to find the areas of the body that are most affected or vulnerable to disease.  When the blood measurements are matrixed to the thermography, the patient’s care plan will be tailored to them, not to some standard plan based on symptoms and assumptions. 

What is a Dark Field microscopy?

This procedure shows us the composition of the blood, especially the condition of the leucocytes, the erythrocytes, the plasma and the microbes that exist in it. The examination of the native blood in the darkfield microscope is very well suited to find an exact early diagnosis due to the changes in the blood, which precede a disease, and can be recognized in their early beginnings and be treated respectively.


Is the artwork I see in the office for sale?

Yes!  Dr. Merigian is the artist and spends his free time making the sculptures and paintings you see, as well as ones that you don't see.  Merigian Studios is an extension of Doc, and you can view his website and work at Any questions regarding purchasing artwork can be directed to Merigian Studios at