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Time and Tension

As I lit a candle last night, I thought about the flicker of the flame. It danced to silence, it had a rhythm separate from the light, and the two were magnificent together. It was absolutely a great show.

Quantum physics characterizes light as a wave and particle. It seems impossible that something so simple is actually quite complex. The wave/particle duality seems to be a contradiction, but actually, the wave and particle aspects of light are complementary. Both are necessary to appreciate a full description of the behavior of light. If anyone does an experiment that examines the wave aspects of light, they will find that light acts like a wave. If anyone does an experiment to examine the particle aspects of light, they will find that light acts like a particle.

So, is light absurd? You may think so, but I believe it's a great example of what nature hides. It hides the sophistication of its complex laws. Aspects that seem simple in nature, including human nature, are actually complex and complementary. Wellness is not just simply exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep. Being healthy is like light; it has dimensions of wave-like behavior and aspects of particle-like behavior. What?

A wave is a spread-out-thing. The human wave is actually a person over time. Time is long or short depending on your frame of reference. It is an assumption that the older we become, the more we have experienced. However, it is not our age that determines our wear and tear; it's what we've done in the time we have lived that determines the impacts on our health. It's not the age, it's the miles. If we examine the aspects of your life in relationship to time, we'll find the answers that are related to time. I have met patients in their twenties, who have lived the life of a fifty year old person. And many times, they look fifty-something.

A particle is something that has mass. The human particle is the dimension of our biology. Our biology is specific to our genetic code, but our individual unique environment elicits a unique manifestation of our genetic material. Essentially, we are a bag of genetic material that is molded to our unique humanness in response to the environment that surrounds and nurtures us. The genetic code learns what to manifest as the environment changes. The environment is both internal and external.

Time is probably the greatest influence in our environment. It's all in the timing of our exposures to healthy or unhealthy surroundings. Are we equipped to handle the exposures physiologically and/or emotionally? And for how long? The immune system matures over the first twelve to eighteen months of life, only to strengthen or weaken in the absence or presence of stressful situations throughout life. Although some tension is healthy for good development and normal relationships, too much tension has as much negative effect on the body as the absence of tension. Our relationship to tension is similar to the great architectural feats of our time. The tension of nature embraced by man, and used in any structure to find harmony, is a great achievement. We become aware of such wonder when we look at the greatest structures of all time. It's the tension that ultimately shapes the structure; it's not the other way around.

Health is related to the relationship between time and biological tension. Those who have navigated life to its fullest have found a way to embrace the tensions of living and worked them into their existence without penalty of illness. Those who have found illness are usually victims of too much tension in too short a period of time. The relationship of healthy time and tension remains obscure, which makes illness a mystery of a divine dimension.

Without the wave and particle aspect of nature, light would not exist. I suspect, neither would we.

Posted by Katie Reed at 4:56 PM
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