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The Shack

The Shack

It's not often I want to write about a movie, however this short blog is about the movie The Shack. I read the book several years ago when my wife had died from breast cancer. The movie was a good, not great. The book was life changing.

The book and movie both describe a similar, well known theme in our humanness. The same question I hear every day, "Why is God allowing this tragedy to happen to me?" The tragedy may take many forms: Suffering from terminal cancer, burying a child, witnessing an unspeakable event, surviving a house fire, living through a tornado or hurricane, having a loved one murdered, having a loved one commit suicide. Many unspeakable tragedies befall on each one of us throughout our life time and we seem to be compelled to blame God for the event, no one seems to recognize that evil runs through the veins of some people nor that the absolute power of nature is supreme.

There are many things that I have learned through my sixty years of life, some good, some not-so-good. If there is one thing I have accepted about a human life is that if you commit to living a full life, one with all of the trappings of a worthwhile purpose, you will have many days of pain and suffering along your path, both physical and emotional. It is the fate of man in concert with the power of nature.

The movie was about a man who hated God for the abduction and murder of his young, innocent daughter, while he was saving another one of his children during a boating accident. He did not know it, but he was choosing life for one child or the other. The nature of evil creates our unconscious judgment between life and life on us all the time. The end result is that one of the two gives in to the grim reaper and the other is spared to live another day. That was the case in this movie. The man who lost his young daughter hated God for the tragedy. Those of us who have lost a loved one who we cared profoundly about, know that feeling well. Hating God is as misplaced as hating a fence post. Neither had anything to do with the tragedies of life. Life is suffering.

I urge everyone to take an hour or two out of your busy life to go to the movie, The Shack. It's not the best movie I've ever watched, nor even in the top fifty, but its message is clear: God is Love and a relationship with Love is everything. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, the path to Heaven is littered with pain and suffering. Love is the common, uncompromising bond that holds us together. Evil is the enemy of Love in all of its forms. Evil exists and to deny it is foolish, just like illness.

Take time out for a movie date. Hold off on the popcorn, it's not Paleo!


Posted by Amanda Sanders at 10:11 AM
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