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Solstice Card 2013

I was awakened as the warm rays of Light

Pierced through the shutters of sleep.

I was awakened as my dreams left me begging

Before the Holy Altar of the Human Heart.

The return of daylight unmasked the grim reality

That the night’s flickering candle was actually dim.

The garden was in ruins from the tempest

That ravaged it in the darkness.

It was a storm of ignorance that was brought

On by the congestion of Greedy Souls.

The Season of Light has fallen to those

Commercial powers that feed the rich.

The spiritually impoverished were insatiable,

There was no end to their cupidity.

In the crisp early morning, in a moment of silence,

The clamoring of tree branches mingled with the rustling

of dried leaves.

Sophia, a fearless phantom maiden

Appeared out of the fog.

She was no longer hidden by the thick veil

Of moonlight covering the world in slumber.

Her Soul was free from earthly ties.

She was the Beauty that lived deep in my mind.

She was the archetype of feminine Freedom,

She cast aside the tattered and torn garments of matter.

She was free from the judgments that condemned her

Naked Body, and denounced her unconventional Spirit.

I felt her hand pierce my chest and plant a seed in my

heart, a beginning of Bliss in my insane world.

The opportunity to be a Savior always comes

When it’s time to contest the social conventions of

modern man.

Seek the seed of Wisdom in the Season of Light.

Share the Revelation of Understanding with those who

are able to listen.

Be in accord with the Light of Sincerity and Dwell in

Shadow of Eternity.

Do not walk the path of heresy and misery.

Let the bosom of Nature redeem you

In the Season of the Christ.

Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian© 28 November 2013
Posted by Katie Reed at 19:30
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