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Have you ever looked at a roll of sod? It’s a complex agricultural micro ecosystem comprised of netting, soil, roots and blades of grass. There is a simple illusion about sod, just roll it out over the earth and it will grow. Simple is as simple does.

As I walked Merigianville, I witnessed our ambitious attempt to roll 6500 yards of living green clothing to protect the naked dirt from erosion. It was delivered in large rolls and it was installed by men and machine. The top soil was prepared properly to help insure that the living green skin would root properly. Once unrolled and trimmed, the grass needed water and lots of it. It needed a great soaking, a baptism.

But it doesn’t stop there. It will be cared for by frequent watering during the hot summer days of August. There are signs as to whether the sod is healthy or not, there are healthy and non-healthy shades of brown, but these warnings are mysterious since Mother Nature can appear injured and stressed when she is just resting and waiting for the perfect time to show off her splendor; watching what-was-once-green, turn to brown feels disturbing to my soul. But watching brown return to green brings a sense of joy and excitement to my spirit.

Sod is a perfect metaphor for our lives. At times, we are uprooted from paradise, we are subjected to extreme stress that turns our lives brown for awhile and then we somehow find a way to root again in fertile soil. We are watered with love, and we return to a healthy, beautiful life, allowing others to help keep us nurtured and well. We enjoy the sunshine and we welcome the rain.

I believe next summer will be amazing, just as amazing as this summer. It will most likely bring many more shades of green than today’s shades of brown.



Posted by Katie Reed at 12:19 PM
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