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The last days of April are upon us. The month seemed to be filled with rainy days and cloudy skies. My grandmother always told me that April showers bring May flowers. Rushing waters filled the roads leading to the office numerous times this month. Farmers are struggling to get their crop in. Thank goodness for crop insurance.

Rain is ancient. I often wonder if the rain that fell in Memphis is just an iteration of the rain that fell in Greece during 2000 BCE. Soil gains its fertility from rain. The Greek legend of Danae reveals how Heaven-sent rain makes the Earth fertile.

Danae was the daughter of King Acrisius of Argos and Queen Eurydice. The Queen only gave birth to Danae. King Acrisius was disturbed that he had no son to whom to leave his kingdom. He sought counsel from the Oracle. He was told that he would be killed by his grandson.

King Acrisius built an underground room walled in bronze. He locked Danae within the chamber to keep her from conceiving a child. No one could get in or out. Zeus transformed himself into the shape of a shower of gold. He rained upon the chamber and seeped through the cracks in the ceiling. The stream of gold impregnated Danae. She gave birth to a son, Perseus.

Perseus became a hero. He slayed the mighty Medusa. He also killed his grandfather King Acrisius by accident. He threw a discus off line, hitting his grandfather in the head. The prophecy of the Oracle was executed.

The shower of gold is closely linked to the sexual symbolism of rain, which acted as Zeus’ semen. Plant growth needs rain before it can flourish in much the same fashion. There are many other pairings in this fable, light and darkness, Heaven and Hell, gold and bronze are just a few. The primordial marriage of opposites gives way to all manifestations and fecundity.

The human body is approximately seventy-five percent water. Some geological authorities believe the planet is made up of roughly seventy-five percent water also. The necessity of rain to replenish Earth’s water stores is paramount. Humans, animals, and plants need water to live. We give patients intravenous fluids to replenish them in dehydration. Intravenous solutions also carry antibiotics and medications into the venous collection system of our bodies, which are patterned almost identical to the collection systems of natural dried creeks and storm runoff systems in nature.

As rain falls from the sky, it expresses a twofold blessing of God, in both spiritual and material terms. Although it is difficult to embrace rain at times, especially if our community is under constant showers for days, we should all find some way to celebrate rain in its splendor.

Rain cleanses the soul, washes away fears, rinses sadness from the heart, cleans the sorrow from the agony of life, and gives hope to an arid hopeless world.

As we welcome the arrival of the month of May, I desire everyone to hold tight to the thought of rain being a necessity for life in its most primitive form. Our world without rain is like a lifetime without sunshine. Sunshine without the nourishing power of rain is caustic and burning to all living things it touches everywhere.

Rain, rain, go away. Come back another day.


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