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Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

I am an American of Armenian descent. Many Americans have no idea where Armenia is located on the globe, much less have an idea about the culture of my ancestors. I watched a documentary about the Armenian genocide this past weekend promoted by the actor George Clooney. If anyone desires to understand the worldview of the Armenian people, take time to watch it. Architects for Denial is the title of the documentary. It would be well worth your time.

To refresh everyone's memory, Armenia is located in a part of the world called Western Asia. Some may call the area the Mid-East, but its location is north of Iran, Iraq and Syria. It is positioned between the Black and Caspian Seas. To its north is Georgia, east is Azerbaijan, west is Turkey, south is Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Armenia is a Christian nation, the surrounding countries are Islam.

One of the major historical catastrophes of our time is the Armenian genocide committed by the Turkish people during the Ottoman Empire. Make no mistake about it, one and one half million Armenians were slaughtered by the Young Turks between 1915 and 1918. During that period of time, those same Turks slaughtered seven hundred and fifty thousand Assyrians and nine hundred thousand Greeks. This entire action was as bad, if not worse than the German's genocide of the Jewish people. Hitler bravely said in a famous speech about genocide and world opinion, "Who remembers the Armenians?" as he publically professed his plan to eradicate the Jews.

One hundred years later, the Armenians are not in the clear of the Turkish mandate of 1915. The Azerbaijanis are Azeri Turks. They are still trying to remove Armenia from the map and along with it, the Armenian people. There is an area just east of Armenia in Azerbaijan that is called Nagorno-Karabakh. It is exclusively populated by Armenians who fled persecution in the city of Baku by the Azerbaijanis in the 1990's. The Azeri Turks are threatening to massacre the entire Armenian population in that region if they get the opportunity. These threats are real. Azeri raiding parties often sneak into the area and kill innocent men, women and children, frequently cutting off their heads and showing the heads as trophies to their friends and neighbors back home in Azerbaijan.

One of the most disturbing aspects of the current situation is that America refuses to officially recognize the genocide of the Armenian people, which allows the killing to continue. Turkey and Azerbaijan are actually one country or at least they share extreme political views about the region: eradicate the Armenians. We have our own unique set of racism and bigotry in our country, but for the US to formally reject the idea that the Armenian people were very close to total extermination by the Turkish people is absurd.

There is usually a reason why absurd happens: money. There are oil rich reserves in Turkey and Azerbaijan, not to mention important strategic positioning for our military. But at what cost does America believe is good for our people. Have we not learned from the Native American genocides we committed or the dehumanizing of African-Americans when slavery was in vogue one hundred and fifty years ago?

Dehumanizing a race of people is an effective way of releasing any guilt that may arise out of killing innocent men, women and children. What I see in our country today is a major push to humanize all people of all race, creeds and colors so that all lives matter. It's easy to dehumanize someone who has a different worldview especially if they have different religious beliefs or pray to a different Divine Power. When Azeri Turks are asked about Armenians, they promptly respond that Armenians are pigs, scum of the earth and dirty despicable people who don't deserve to live. When France's president acknowledged the genocide of the Armenians by the Turkish people and apologized for the tragedy, Turkey's President stood firm and threatened France, implying retaliation if someone spoke against Turkey by acknowledging the Armenian genocide in public again. How is America so blind to be allies with Turkey? I don't really care about why.

So most of us in Memphis might believe that the Armenian problem is thousands of miles away, and Armenia has very little to do with the economics and geo-political agendas of the world. Think again. There is a reason the US government and members of Congress avoid answering the questions about recognizing the Armenian genocide, answers that probably have many dimensions. But no one can justify President Trump, President Obama, President Bush and President Clinton's welcoming of Turkey with open arms and suggesting that Turkey is an ideal demonstration of democracy in our world today unless they believe dehumanizing a culture or a race or a socioeconomic group or a sexual preference is an appropriate action before there is a cleansing for the greater good of mankind. But Memphis really has closer ties to Armenia than anyone thinks: Representative Steve Cohen; our faithful representative to the down trodden, the poor, the underserved and the persecuted.

Forty-seven states have recognized the Armenian genocide. Tennessee is one of them. April 23 is the Date of Remembrance. Although Representative Cohen resides in Tennessee, it appears on interviews that he does not recognize the genocide. Neither did President Obama, Hillary Clinton nor President Donald Trump, even though their states recognize the Armenian genocide. But what about Steve Cohen makes him so special? Cohen's mother's birth certificate states his maternal grandfather was born in Turkey when it was part of the Ottoman Empire. He is a member of the Congressional Caucus on US Turkish Relations and Turkish Americans. He also an advocate for the Azeri Turks in Azerbaijan. He has consistently opposed Congressional recognition of the Armenian Genocide on pragmatic grounds, believing that recognizing it officially in Congress would damage relations with Turkey. How can a Jew deny that another race of people experienced the same type of persecution that his people did, it just happened forty years earlier. Since no country officially raised eyebrows at the Armenian genocide when it occured, Hitler repeated it on a larger scale and he did it to the Jews. I wonder what race is next?

Congressional recognition would force Turkey to admit its many despicable deeds to a number of diverse people of our world. I often wondered who instigated the bringing of the Ottoman Empire to Memphis as a part of the Wonders Series. That would be tantamount to bringing Nazi Germany to the South for display and propagandizing their actions as amazing and wonderful to the world also. The Ottoman Empire was a tyrannical realm built on murder and fascist idealism. 

Let's get back to Steve Cohen. In a speech on the House floor on January 18, 2011 he said:

They say it's a government takeover of health care, a big lie just like Goebbels. You say it enough, you repeat the lie, you repeat the lie, you repeat the lie and eventually, people believe it. Like blood libel. That's the same kind of thing. The Germans said enough about the Jews and the people believed it and you had the Holocaust. You tell a lie over and over again. And we've heard on this floor, government takeover of health care

He took some heat for those comments as well he should have. But one thing is sure, he understands the impacts of repeating a political lie over and over again. Thirty members of Congress are in cahoots with Turkey and Azerbaijan. Anyone speaking out about Armenian's plight seems to get removed from Congress or the State Department.

The Turks are saying enough about the Armenians and the people are believing it and you will have another Holocaust. You tell a lie over and over again........

Sound familiar Mr. Cohen? You said it. Liar, liar, pants on fire! I hope it never happens.


Posted by Amanda Sanders at 9:46 AM
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