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Hurry Up and Be Patient

Hurry Up and Be Patient

As I walked around the Merigian development on Sunday, 9 September 1013, I noticed that in the last ten days, not much had changed. The buildings were being raised at a snail’s pace. It was a mystery to me, but then often times life is just plain mysterious.

When I see change move slowly, incentives are usually behind the lack of appropriate pacing. Who benefits from the slowing down of progress? Who loses because of the slow down? I assume it is apparent. But is it?

Slow progress seems everlasting, but in reality, it is essentially much faster than any of us realize. If doing something slowly gets the best result, then slow is best. Healing is sometimes slow, so why shouldn’t raising a Center for Healing be sometimes slow? Creation is sometimes slow, so why shouldn’t raising a studio and gallery be sometimes slow? It should be if it is in accord with nature. I suspect this is just one of those times.

Perhaps I should just hurry up and be patient. That’s what I will do.


Posted by Katie Reed at 12:00 PM
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