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First week of June Progress

We are still moving right along on the Eads complex. We love hearing from members of the Eads community about the excitement and buzz that is being created with the construction. From current patients, to contacts at city code enforcement, people are noticing all the work going on at Collierville-Arlington Road and are excited right along side us. We look forward to joining the neighbor hood!

This week we learned that a lonely old oak tree managed to escape the tree clearing crew that worked last week to clear the lot. Even though we admire the seemingly persevering spirit of the tree, it must come down.  But, the artist in Doc is determined to create something more beautiful from it.  The tree will be salvaged and will be stored in the workshop until it finds a new purpose in life.  

Lonely Old (nearly dead) Oak

More site grading

Doc can find art wherever he is.  There is beauty in all things.  Here he observes the welds in a neighborhood sign.  Inspiration for his next piece?  We will just have to wait and see...

Posted by Katie Reed at 4:11 PM
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