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Cat and Mouse

Cat and Mouse

Last week went by like rocket speed. Time has become the most important feature in my life as well as many others who are my age. One of those things that robs all of us of our time and those moments that we live for to remember until the end of time, is something called life.

Patients that come to the Stone Institute for guidance, healing and well-being are all manifesting disease, to a large degree that is a result of living in the stressors of an unnatural world. The world that surrounds them seems to have been randomly constructed, almost out of nowhere. As an infant, they are totally dependent on their parents to provide food, shelter and love. As they grew older, they became more independent, the milestone of separation from their parents and grandparents is when they walked safely across the street without having their hands held or being told to eat their broccoli or drink their milk.

I remember my childhood as being simple. It was important to me to follow the rules. When I lived in foster homes, the rules changed from place to place. When someone would beat me, I just thought it was a part of growing up, something that I just had to endure. I did not blame anyone for the actions of another. I learned that no one could justify cruelty in any form, but many people, including myself, had to just endure it.

As I was freed from the prison of foster care, I was fortunate to feel the love and caring of a grandmother who really had a principle centered life. My father was not that person, but my grandmother was. It seemed as if I took to her like a root takes to soil and water. She provided me the nourishment to grow, the wisdom to see clearly and she made it clear that integrity above all is the most important aspect of our lives.

As I grew older, I became fixated on the idea that justice was the most important rule that society promoted. To me, people should be just to one another at all costs. Justice at my young age was seeing that some authority or power would uphold what is right, just or lawful. I had this utopian belief that all people had a sense that justice was the underpinning of our great society. I heard attorneys espouse the belief that the poor should have the keys to the courthouse, not only the wealthy. I heard physicians espouse the belief that no one should be without healthcare. I heard politicians espouse the belief that no one should go hungry. I heard developers espouse the belief that everyone should own a home. I heard ministers espouse that race, creed, color or religion should not influence how any one is treated by others.

And last, but the probably the most important rule of them all was that my grandmother told me that when I gave my word, I needed to keep it, regardless of the consequences that unfolded as a result of keeping my word. She had one condition related to me giving my word, I had to be true to myself when that word was given. If not, my word would only bring suffering. She told me about keeping my word when I was twelve years old. I had no idea what she was trying to convey to me. I just understood that my word was my word.

Another one of my immature naive thoughts was that everyone placed a value on justice as much as I did: following the rules meant something to everyone. I believed that everyone held the same constructs that I was taught and impregnated in my mind. After all, we had the same teachers, the same ministers and priests, the same coaches, the same politicians, the same doctors, the same attorneys and we shared in the same history.

Over time, I realized that although we had the same everything, at least on the surface of our lives, I realized that there were size differences in the same thing. Those size differences began to expose the inequities that were bestowed upon us at birth. Something as simple as intellectual power unfolded as the intelligence quotient (IQ) was established as a way to classify those who were smart from those who were dumb. MENSA was established as a special club, open only to those who had the highest IQs. Their agenda was to promote the giving of societal favors to them as a whole which to them, it would benefit the world because they had all the brains.

Besides seeing the differences in cars, homes, businesses, hospitals, gas stations, roads, schools, athletic teams, furniture, clothing, landscapes, parks, country clubs, education, crime areas and judicial rulings, I found that each and every person had a profoundly different worldview based on cognitive constructions that were the exact opposite of mine. I met people who firmly believed it was okay to cheat if they benefitted from the cheating. To them, their word was here today, gone tomorrow. Their hand shake meant nothing more than passing their germs onto the other hand that they grasped. They had no intention of perfecting a commitment, just taking what they desired from whom-ever they could take it from. Giving them their word all at the same time.

I had the mistaken belief that when objective information is passed onto a crowd of children and adults, everyone receiving the data would incorporate it into their worldview the same way. If a hundred people were given the same set of circumstances, all hundred would arrive at the same conclusions. At sixty years-old, I can look back on my life, see how actually raw I was in my younger years and smile at that man who had great ideas about the way it could have been, knowing that probably none of my ideas about cognitive constructive homogeneity ever existed in the history of mankind. Some primitive man always had a bigger hut, a greater access to food and water and a greater number of females to trade or sexually enjoy.

So what does this have to do with anything? Everything. The rules of the Jungle apply today as much as they did when the Jungle existed everywhere for everyone. The idea that we have become more civilized is mere poppycock. We have created a number of illusions that gives us great comfort in knowing that we can get drinkable water from a tap, flush our waste down a toilet and get food on a much more convenient basis. We can get from point A to point B faster than ever. We can examine the differences between cultures, religions, sexualities, and politics to the point of exhaustion. But other than that, nothing has really changed.

Both dishonest men and women have figured out how to make commitments and sign contracts that they will never keep, and they have lawyers who will defend their lack of integrity in a courtroom built to allow the poor and rich alike to go back on their word. But the most disturbing part of it all is that people rarely, if ever, show themselves as who they really are, follow what they really believe in and are rarely honest with themselves so they can be dishonest with everyone else. If someone were to disclose the fact that they never live up to their word, why would anyone ever take their word? And if you know that someone never keeps their word, why would anyone believe that that person would keep their word with them?

It goes back to our own individual cognitive constructions. If you are a person who keeps your word, you believe everyone else keeps their word, regardless of knowing they won't. Those who are dishonest are happy to give their word because it means nothing to anyone, even their personal dishonest signature on a document is worthless, especially if that document is a binding agreement between them and an honest person. A dishonest person can wear a straight jacket to prove they're honest and remove it the moment they've given their word.

So how does one live in a world of treachery and duplicity? The same way our ancestors from twenty thousand years ago did; cautiously. If you take the time to look deeply into the morality and values of an individual, you will know who to trust. Just don't deny the Truth. Never Trust an untrustworthy person, ever.

And for those of you who continue to deny the truth, my thoughts are with you as you forge through the chaos of each and every day. Your illnesses will flare, your outlook will be depressed and your life will forever be denied peace when you allow the dishonesty of another person to rule over you like a cat rules over a mouse.

There are only two ways a cat who captured a mouse, will leave that mouse alone. The best way is for the mouse to morph into a rat and stop playing. The cat will leave quickly. The other is obvious.


Posted by Amanda Sanders at 11:00 AM
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