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Constitutional Conundrum

Americans are weary. We are a hardy people, rugged and able to take on extraordinary tasks. America was born out of man's desire for freedom, liberty, and justice. It took great strength to move through a birthing process that left many of our founding citizens dead, injured, and maimed for life. Here we are making our way in today's world. We can travel vast distances in hours instead of weeks. We can communicate in seconds as opposed to days. People share information on an internet... Read More
Posted by Caitlin Chittom at Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Can I?

Officials tallied one hundred eighty-one thousand new cases of COVID-19; two hundred forty-four people have died. The election itself is over; President Trump continues his judicial arguments against the results. Pfizer's press release exaggerated the effectiveness of their vaccine, confusing one week's worth of data for efficacy and effectiveness. In some ways, Pzfizer's position is harmonious with the election results. Two business giants believe their scripted narratives, and... Read More
Posted by Caitlin Chittom at Saturday, November 21, 2020
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The Rising Stone

There are many different ways to interpret the U.S. election results. As I write this blog, mainstream media named Joseph Biden President of the United States. If anyone has not realized yet, I am a proud Democrat. I am proud of our American electorate coming out in the worst Pandemic of our modern era and voting in greater numbers than any other U.S. election in history. Unfortunately, the divisions in our communities and our country have become more profound and widespread than ever. My... Read More
Posted by Caitlin Chittom at Monday, November 16, 2020
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