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A Sinking Ship

The days are getting hotter and so are American politics. The President of the United States has chosen a rogue path to diplomacy with foreign countries. People who follow politics are becoming more and more stressed over the recent unfoldments. I see it every day in my office. To be expected, it is affecting the health of our country. In the past, people shared their politically dissenting views with each other to expand their knowledge and learn from their opponents. Our American society... Read More
at Thursday, July 26, 2018
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An Artist's Life

Each patient has a story. The story maybe inspiring. If illness plays a significant role in their lives, their story maybe unfulfilling. Tragedy comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. Many times, the diagnosis can only be made after the patient tells their entire life biography. At the same time, the only treatment necessary is telling their story to someone who will listen. Affirmation is a powerful medicine, especially when no one believes the patient, not even their spouse. Sarah Lynn was... Read More
at Friday, July 20, 2018
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Healthcare Independence Day

Independence Day is upon us. One half of 2018 is in the history books. It seems like we just started in our 2018 adventures in healthcare delivery. The next few months should prove to be challenging in so many aspects. In the past six months, drug prices at the wholesale and retail level have risen to an all-time high. Some medications that cost pennies in the past are now sold for hundreds of dollars. The medical insurance companies are requiring physician justification for uses of both... Read More
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