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Carol Light

Carol Light Many years ago, a delightful, vibrant woman asked for my help. She owned an Elvis memorabilia store located across the street from Graceland. She had been there for fifteen or twenty years. She was tired. She had several ailments, none of which were severe nor disabling. After a few weeks, she recovered her vibrancy and visited the Stone Institute once annually thereafter. Elvis Presley was bigger than life. Memphis is on the map internationally due to Graceland and Elvis... Read More
at Tuesday, May 8, 2018
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Rain The last days of April are upon us. The month seemed to be filled with rainy days and cloudy skies. My grandmother always told me that April showers bring May flowers . Rushing waters filled the roads leading to the office numerous times this month. Farmers are struggling to get their crop in. Thank goodness for crop insurance. Rain is ancient. I often wonder if the rain that fell in Memphis is just an iteration of the rain that fell in Greece during 2000 BCE. Soil gains its... Read More
at Tuesday, May 1, 2018
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