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But This Time

But This Time Several years ago, an elderly couple came into my office. They held hands as they made it to the exam rooms. The gentleman could not raise his head. He was a slight man, balding and wore black rimmed glasses. He spoke with a clear deep tone in his voice, although it was a bit muffled because his chin touched his chest. His wife had a kind and supportive spirit. Her purpose for living was to care for her husband, only daughter, and her two adult grandsons. She loved to cook.... Read More
at Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Build the Wall

Build the Wall We live in exciting times. There are forest fires everywhere. The socioeconomic and political blazes are too big to extinguish by conventional diplomatic means. Opinions about our country and its direction are as divergent as they were during the periods of time before the revolutionary and civil wars. The significant difference from previous times is that the country’s population is extraordinarily heterogeneous on specific subjects and remarkably homogeneous on... Read More
at Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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Where Will You Be

Where Will You Be   Dishonesty has infected society in ways most of us cannot identify. Psychological research firms create marketing paradigms to appeal to certain subgroups of our population to accept ideas which many times produces cash sales in one form or another. We frequently hear about the Russians interfering with our elections. We have plenty of homegrown political action committees creating issue adds that distort the facts and create fear in our citizens. We do not need... Read More
at Tuesday, April 10, 2018
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