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The Demons Beneath

There are a number of events in each of our lives that require us to look back at the past and seal it off in a plastic bag or a secure room depending on the size of the impacts the event had on our lives. The topic of abandonment comes up frequently in my practice. I am not sure why. At some point in someone's life, a person's loved one, an authority in the mother or father role simply bails out, walking away from the family. Another example could be the death of a parent during the early... Read More
Posted by Roxanne Evans at Tuesday, April 26, 2016
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Snake-Oil Vendors

What happens when medicines become too expensive to purchase? Simple medicines that have been prescribed for thirty years or more - antibiotics, antidepressants, immune suppressants, blood pressure medications, or any drug you might depend on to maintain your health. It does not take much to raise the price of a drug at the point of service in a pharmacy. All that has to happen is that the pharmacy benefit management plan (PBMP) removes a medication from their formulary (which is the list of... Read More
at Tuesday, April 19, 2016
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Last week, I had the honor of meeting a delightful young woman as a new patient. She was fifteen-years old and movie star pretty; tall, slender, high cheek bones, gray piercing eyes, dark thick brunette hair, and living at the peak of her adolescence. Sadly, she was very ill. Although no one could see her illness from her physical attributes, she was in fact significantly sick. She came to the office several weeks ago to have her blood drawn. When we received the partial results of her testing,... Read More
at Tuesday, April 12, 2016
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