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Hell Town Revisited

The move to Eads was an adventure. One that started with mallet only needed shelves Thursday and ended on Easter Sunday. We have left Cordova, and The Stone Institute is now officially in Eads, Tennessee. We are located in a small area once known as Hell Town. Neighbors say that years ago, when the railroad serviced the area, Eads had a railroad depot. Every shotgun house located around the depot housed either gambling saloons or brothels. Patrons from the City of Memphis frequented Hell Town... Read More
Posted by Megan Denney at Monday, April 28, 2014
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Run As Fast As You Can

The day has come. The great move to the new Stone Institute located in the northeast corner of Shelby County has begun. Friday we took care of patients in rooms barren of art and lacking character. We could hear the echoes of our past challenges ring out in the empty spaces. It was an odd feeling, focusing on the health of others while sitting amidst the chaos of a significant change. All of our staff has lots of things to do to make sure the move goes as smooth as possible. Each of... Read More
Posted by Megan Denney at Tuesday, April 15, 2014
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A Thirsty Daffodil

My yard is feeling the expansion of a new spring season. The winter left many new changes. Yesterday morning, I walked the woods to survey any new and unusual variation from last spring. I saw a lone beautiful daffodil in the center of a large circle of cedar trees. It was a jewel sparkling in the sunlight. I wondered if the flower felt alone, or did it have a sense of pride. How did it get there? Living with the curse of the artist’s eye is not easy. Having ruthless discrimination gives way to... Read More
Posted by Katie Reed at Monday, April 7, 2014
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