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Big Red Gates

Can I crawl to this place of Healing? What happened to me? I remember a time when: I welcomed the sunrise. I could smile . I could walk in the coldest rain. I could dance to the softest music. I could swim in the deepest water. I could make love until I was breathless. Slowly each part of me deserted to the other side. My Being changed to follow a different trail. My mind betrayed me. My body hurt all over. I live in a bed of pain. I cannot think. I am imprisoned by a mystery of misery. I... Read More
Posted by Katie Reed at Monday, March 24, 2014
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Nature Oriented Consciousness

I suspect that many of us have some sort of a unique schema associated with our projections of nature. Many say they love nature. Some want to live in nature because it is so peaceful. Others desire to return to nature and embrace everything natural. The true facts of nature are lost in our projections. Most of us wouldn't survive a day in nature’s primitive and undisturbed state. Not all things natural are healthy for us. Nature surrounds us. It is the all of it: climate, terrain, vegetation,... Read More
Posted by Katie Reed at Tuesday, March 18, 2014
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Very Sad Indeed

Where is it that we find ourselves when we are standing at the foot of a great mountain of tragedy or an overwhelming illness? Alone and lost. Even those who have a supportive family, and/or a caring partner, feel isolated and adrift. Why is it that we feel alone in such agonizing times? It's because we are alone, and have always been. When we begin our journey across a frozen lake of illness, we come to realize that each step is slippery and each one matters. In our darkest hour, the time when... Read More
Posted by Katie Reed at Monday, March 10, 2014
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