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The New Year

A few days ago, I asked a patient about her New Year's resolution. She said, "I'm going to work on my Self-love. That's what I'm going to do next year." I asked her what that meant. She said, "You know, I'm going to love myself more so that people can't hurt me so much." She answered my question, but I found her reply unsatisfactory. I felt she probably didn't know what self-love was; but she knew it was something she needed to possess, so she could be healthier. Bravo! But what is Self-love? I... Read More
Posted by Katie Reed at Monday, December 30, 2013
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Solstice Card 2013

I was awakened as the warm rays of Light Pierced through the shutters of sleep. I was awakened as my dreams left me begging Before the Holy Altar of the Human Heart. The return of daylight unmasked the grim reality That the night’s flickering candle was actually dim. The garden was in ruins from the tempest That ravaged it in the darkness. It was a storm of ignorance that was brought On by the congestion of Greedy Souls. The Season of Light has fallen to those Commercial powers that... Read More
Posted by Katie Reed at Saturday, December 21, 2013
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A Christmas Tree

Can we celebrate Christmas without a Christmas tree in our home or office or any other place that we tend to congregate? It depends on how one interprets the schema of Christmas, or any other holiday for that matter. My answer is yes, especially if your schema of Christmas doesn't obligate you to putting up a tree. I do not have a Christmas tree in my home. As of this writing, there isn't one in The Stone Institute either. The tree in the office has always been a task of the women who work with... Read More
Posted by Katie Reed at Monday, December 16, 2013
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