Merigian Studios


The Gates of Creation

I think I may call the site we are placing the Stone Institute, Merigianville. It’s better than Merigian Town or Merigian Farms or Merigian Flats. There are plans to make a gate that will guard the entry way to Merigianville that will span the drive some 22 feet or more. That’s quite a span. It will allow me to create a work of art than moves to and fro.   One concept I have considered is a piece representing the rising and settling of the sun. I envision various positions of the sun at... Read More
Posted by Katie Reed at Monday, July 29, 2013
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Anticipation of Steel

The rain was powerful last week. The down pour redistributed the soil; it transformed small erosions into large cracks across our almost barren and dusty building site. But no matter, steel is on its way, it is to be delivered at this week’s end at 8:00 am, hooray for the steel!   The word most commonly used to describe the raising of a steel structure is the term erect. I’ve often wondered who originally coined the phrase “erect the steel.” Was it a man or a woman?   Well... Read More
Posted by Katie Reed at Monday, July 22, 2013
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The Traditional Orthodox Allopathic Physician Part 1

When we speak of the Practice of Medicine in the modern occidental culture, we naturally think of one interchange. But in reality, we know the Practice of Medicine is in fact, a wide variety of interchanges.   This variety is most pronounced in the wide range of beliefs that health care providers and patients have about the healing arts and their philosophical approach to an illness or disease. Patients seek wise counsel from physicians, nurses, hospitals, nurse practitioners, physician... Read More
Posted by Katie Reed at Monday, July 15, 2013
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