Merigian Studios


Still Digging in the Dirt

So, we are still digging in the dirt. Everything is still right on schedule and we are happy with the progress so far.  And the dirt work will continue through next week before the slab can be poured.  We learned this week that the dirt where the future Merigian Studios will be is too soft for the foundation work. Therefore, more dirt must be brought in. This puts a new spin on the term, "dirt cheap".... Doc stops by the site almost everyday to monitor the progress and to take... Read More
Posted by Katie Reed at Friday, June 7, 2013
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First week of June Progress

We are still moving right along on the Eads complex. We love hearing from members of the Eads community about the excitement and buzz that is being created with the construction. From current patients, to contacts at city code enforcement, people are noticing all the work going on at Collierville-Arlington Road and are excited right along side us. We look forward to joining the neighbor hood! This week we learned that a lonely old oak tree managed to escape the tree clearing crew that worked... Read More
Posted by Katie Reed at Wednesday, June 5, 2013
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