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Rhonda Michalski

Rhonda has been a part of the Stone family for 10 years. Over the years, she has pretty much seen it all and worked in nearly every part of the office. You are most likely to find her working within the financial aspects of the office in bookkeeping and inventories. Oftentimes, she is helping out at the front desk with phone calls and scheduling. What's her favorite part of being at the Stone?  "I enjoy watching the progress of the patients get better". 

Amanda Sanders
Doc refers to Amanda as "air traffic control" for the front office, she knows every patient and remembers nearly every encounter detail. Amanda has been a part of the family for over 7 years. You are most likely to find Amanda greeting you at the front desk and answering your phone calls and emails, but she is also known to lend a hand to assist the nursing staff whenever needed.

Tammy Garmon
Tammy has been a family member for 8 years and is considered a right-hand extension of Doc. You will find Tammy running the IV rooms and also answering your emails, returning your phone calls and helping walk-in patients. She loves what she does and says she could never return to conventional medicine. 

Shereda Malone 

Heather Markle