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So, if I can't eat wheat or sugar, what can I eat?

We understand the initial shock of being on a seemingly restricted food plan, but you can be successful and feel better in the process.  We have enlisted the help of some awesome area chefs that understand Doc's food list and will help you where you need it.  Whether you just want someone to help with recipes and meal plans, or would like to have someone cook for you, our chefs can help!  They are fantastic, but don't just take our word for it, try them for yourself!

Reneise Ross

EMAIL REneise | 901-482-9420 |

Reneise loves to cook. No really, she does. She's up at 4am every morning preparing meals in her commerical kitchen in order to deliever healthy, satisfying lunches to local business everyday. She isn't the least bit intimidated by Doc's food list and has helped numerous patients overcome the initial anxiety of not knowing what to eat as they transistion to learn a new way of cooking for themselves. 

Sam Sciara

EMAIL sam | 901-517-5078

This chef is a Memphis legend. Chef and co-owner of the former Cafe Max, Sam now enjoys cheffing and catering on a personal level.  His expertise can transform even the most simplistic ingredients into an exquisite dish. Call on Sam to help with weekly meals, or even to help organize a large party meal. His food combinations and presentations are a sight to be seen.