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Times Have Changed

Spring is upon us. Most people have moved their clocks up an hour; spring forward, fall back. Time has a habit of sneaking up on us. No matter what our distractions are, we feel time slip through our hands like grains of sand; each grain contributes to a mighty sand castle, each second adds to a significant memory. Time never stands still even though we might.   There is never enough time to do everything we need to accomplish. Regardless of our intentions, time is a dimension that... Read More
at Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Government Medical Care for All?

Not much happens these days without some form of extreme reaction by the public. People are demanding changes in healthcare as much as the chaos in politics. I am not surprised since the practice of medicine is embroiled in the politics of healthcare. From the pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies raising drug prices beyond a working man’s wage to big medical insurance companies charging more and more for premiums and delivering less and less to increase their profit margins, we... Read More
at Tuesday, March 5, 2019
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The Mask

Each day, more and more scientists release new information into the cloud of gnosis. Anyone can access these mysteries of knowledge, but getting the proper information about any subject requires perseverance and understanding. When a problem arises, the direction in which one gazes at the opportunity determines the possible solutions. Vision is our greatest ally in problem-solving. The same holds for solving the riddles of the body. Cells communicate with each other via chemotaxis. The entire... Read More
at Tuesday, February 12, 2019
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