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Thoughts from Doc July 8th

Originally, I had the heroic idea of making a difference within the infirm by providing a listening ear, a compassionate touch and a therapeutic adventure based on medical science and the art of medicine. After practicing for over 30 years, I have concluded that the art of healing is much more difficult than I first realized.

I am honored that people seek my guidance to help them discover and recover from complex multidimensional illnesses, some of which are unique and have no diagnoses associated with them. Many of you have signs and symptoms that straddle the boundaries of disease, making it nearly impossible to find an exact medical cure, regardless of your personal health philosophy, orientation or worldview.

What is common among all of you is the absolute destructiveness of stress in your lives whether it is of emotional, cognitive, societal or physical origins. Perhaps some of you have stress in all of them. Every one of us has experienced what I am describing to one extent or another. What has become clear is that most people dismiss the erosive effects of stress in all of its forms.

Mother Nature is filled with stress, mostly the strain related to just survival itself.  No one can escape the power of her wrath, and most times her fury is unintended. We have all witnessed her undeniable beauty in the infinite cycle of birth, ruin and rebirth. At the same time, Man continues to invent new strategies for inducing additional tension that purely exists between man and himself (herself). These stresses are separate and independent from nature, and almost always are associated with selfishness, egocentricity and self serving activity: good old fashion predator-prey relationships. The innocent suffer at the hands of the experienced.

If there is one thing each and every one of us can do to help stay well, or keep ourselves as healthy as possible when we are ill, it is to work hard at sacrificing all unimportant matters thereby creating and maintaining the proper will to heal. Drop those old unhealthy drama filled relationships that are based on untruthful words, and follow those who exhibit healthy actions since behavior never lies. Surround yourself with beauty and kindness, stay away from ugly and cruelty.

Wake up looking forward to the time ahead, and forget the past that is distance from the present moment. It is never too late to do the right thing, and once you do the right thing, continue.

Walk softly, dream quietly and find what makes you authentic and real. Health will follow you, and all of those who travel in your wake. Light a candle to remind yourself that even when the flame flickers, it still illuminates.

Have a healthy week….Doc

Posted by Katie Reed at 8:00 AM
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