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The Roosters Are Coming Home

The Roosters Are Coming Home

The flu season comes when the weather changes, in both fall and spring. There are many ancient ritualistic practices during the same time. Just look at any calendar and read the holidays and festivals happening around the world on different dates of the months. It seems that when there is a change in seasons, a transition from period from winter to summer and back to winter, nature does its best and worst work.

For healthcare workers regardless of their vocation of origin, administrative staffs are obsessed with making sure each and everyone in their organization receives the flu vaccine. Almost every hospital has made it a policy that if someone under their employment does not receive a flu shot, they must wear a mask during their time in the hospital. Administrators have figured out a way to brand the workers who defy their administrative orders, mandating that healthcare workers violate themselves with a flu shot that may or may not have any benefit throughout the flu season. What's worse, some hospital and clinic administrators demand a flu shot for each season, doubling one's chances of getting a side effect from the vaccine itself.

What is most disturbing to those of us who have researched the flu shot is its mechanism of action. Research authorities maintain that the flu vaccine elicits the formation of antibodies that may protect against influenza virus subtypes A and type B. However, even the drug companies that manufacture the vaccine refute the antibody formation theory quite profoundly:


            The mechanism of action of type A (H5N1) influenza virus vaccines is            not well understood. Influenza vaccines induce antibodies against the viral           hemagglutinin Antibody against one influenza virus type or subtype confers          little or no protection against viruses from other types or subtypes.     Furthermore, antibody to one antigenic variant of influenza virus might not   protect against a new antigenic variant of the same type or subtype. Frequent        development of antigenic variants through antigenic drift is the virological             basis for seasonal epidemics and the reason for the usual change of one or more            new strains in each year’s influenza vaccine. Specific levels of hemagglutinin   inhibition (HI) antibody titer post-vaccination with inactive influenza virus    vaccines, including H5N1 influenza virus vaccines, have not been correlated          with protection from influenza illness but the antibody titers have been used as     a measure of vaccine activity. Specific levels of hemagglutinin inhibition   (HI) antibody titer post-vaccination with inactive influenza virus             vaccines, including H5N1 influenza virus vaccines, have not been             correlated with protection from influenza illness but the antibody     titers have been used as a measure of vaccine activity.

A similar construction is used in the administration of allergy shots. It seems as if authorities pull out the antibody formation theory like a magician pulls a rabbit out of the hat. When the audience is asleep or distracted, they cannot see the illusion. The mechanism of flu shots is a mystery, regardless of their proposed action. To perpetuate otherwise is either ignorance or deceitfulness or both.

The data on their effectiveness at preventing the flu becomes a greater challenge. The point here is that there have been many observational studies from a public health standpoint, but no real double-blind placebo controlled trials to show efficacy, safety and effectiveness. The data has never been generated. However drug manufacturers are allowed to state that flu vaccine is effective and safe. That would never happen in any other injectable medication brought to market today. Vaccination against influenza began in the 1930s with large scale availability in the United States beginning in 1945. Flu shots are a tradition, not a panacea. Once established, the standard of care is almost impossible to stop. Make no mistake, knowledgeable physicians and public health officials both acknowledge that science does not support the flu shot obsession, but their occidental orthodox allopathic worldviews do.

Getting back to the hospitals and clinics forcing their employees to get flu shots, most of the data surrounding the implementation of these rules originates from a review by the Cochrane Collaboration that found that flu vaccination resulted in a very modest decrease in both influenza symptoms and working days lost, without affecting transmission or influenza-related complications. Hospitals are looking to decrease their absenteeism rate during flu season, they could care less about patient care or safety issues. You cannot get around the facts that in the unvaccinated, 16% get symptoms similar to the flu while about 10% of the vaccinated do. Vaccination decreased confirmed cases of influenza from about 2.4% to 1.1%. No effect on hospitalization has been found through research at all.

The masks worn by the physicians, nurses and other para-ancillary service providers do  not stop the transmission of viruses and bacteria. It is one of the most ineffective measures to prevent spread of disease. There is no scientifically supported position otherwise. The masks serve merely as a way to communicate that a specific nurse or associate opted out of the flu shot. The other glaring disturbance about mask wearing is that patients who are admitted to the hospital who have not had the flu vaccine regardless of whether their being admitted for the flu or not, are not given a mask to wear. And who would know if the patient had the vaccine anyway? Anyone could just lie about it. And they do.

In the perfect world, one would allow each and every person to opt in or out of flu shots. There is no substantial risk to patients, employees or hospital operations if a minority of employees opt out of taking the vaccine. This is a country based on freedom of choice and nurses and medical personnel have a right to choose whether to receive a flu shot.

Just like all other medical preventions, treatment or therapeutic adventures. I have never had a flu shot in the thirty-plus years of medical practice and I will not have one this year, the next year or the next.

Or am I mistaken? Has the medical establishment become so righteous that they believe that they have all the correct answers for those of us who decide not to participate in the standard of care they established for the ignorant masses? Those authoritarians are the ones who stand to benefit most both emotionally and economically by their decisions, much more than the recipient of the flu shot.

It appears that the roosters are coming home to roost in the hen house. I think it's time to build a different chicken coop.



Posted by Amanda Sanders at 12:11 PM
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