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The More we Live, the Less we Die

When we are young, we live more than we die, even if we are afflicted by some childhood disease. Death or dying is not in our immature worldview. Death is just another place. Dying is just something we do. It is simplified; we just stop breathing and go.

When we are older, we die more than we live. When illness befalls us, we lose our sense of nature and we seek another truth. Even intelligent and highly skilled adults often find empty answers about their lives after days or weeks or months of intense and serious efforts to heal.

The innocent have an amazing ability to just turn on a switch and connect to the transcendent light of healing. While even the most advanced adult can sit in darkness in  the corner of a room for the rest of their lives trying to invent the light of healing out of thin air; they never reach transcendence. They remain lifeless.

The more we live in accord with the Light of Transcendence, the less we die; the more we live without the Light, the more we die.



Posted by Amanda Sanders at 9:00 AM
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