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The Judges

The Judges


When they started building the gallows,

I did not notice the signs.

Carpenters came and went everyday.

Many served as a jury for the Right Hand Path.

One Judge tried me for the Crime of Guilt in the First Degree.

In his vision, each act of kindness was dishonorable.

Every word I uttered to defend myself, lacerated the skin of someone dignified.

They had no soul, only the Flesh of the hatred.

Charity and compassion were my crimes.

Love did not spare the immense pain of the Reality

Of Societal members of the Right Hand Path.

They had many Secrets.


Another Judge tried me for the crime of Shame in the First Degree.

I was Pushed to the margins of Isolation.

I was forced to give up my Belonging.

Those who Completed the Indoctrination of the Right Hand Path

Became the most Zealous disciples.

Each of them lived in Fear of Exclusion and Humiliation.

So they built the walls to close out those who walked the Left Hand Path.


As the gallows were finished,

They took me to the courtyard.

They hung the rope around my neck,

And tightened the noose.

As it was placed around my neck,

I felt nothing but Sadness for those who Judged me.

As The sun rose the Morning, I saw my Shadow Cast among the People.

I witnessed their Pain and Agony.

I reached for the noose, No one stopped me.

I unraveled the knot and removed the rope.

The execution was stayed.


Guilt and Shame Imprisoned those who live in the Community of Convention.

Only the Fire of Change can burn off the shrouds of Disgrace and Remorse.

The Right Hand Path’s Jury-of-Tradition has no impact now.

They are lost Claiming their salvation.

The Fortress walls have tumbled down.

Politicians continue to accuse others of Guilt and Shame,

They cannot find another Avenue to Disguise their Inauthenticity.

The Hatred of the Right Hand Path is in Flames.

From the Ashes will come a Peaceful Journey.


 Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian© October 2016

Posted by Amanda Sanders at 9:53 AM
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