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The Gates of Creation

I think I may call the site we are placing the Stone Institute, Merigianville. It’s better than Merigian Town or Merigian Farms or Merigian Flats. There are plans to make a gate that will guard the entry way to Merigianville that will span the drive some 22 feet or more. That’s quite a span. It will allow me to create a work of art than moves to and fro.  

One concept I have considered is a piece representing the rising and settling of the sun. I envision various positions of the sun at different times of the day, clearly a metaphor for our lives as we rise and set each and every day.  

Another concept is the changing of the seasons which most beautifully represents the metaphor of birth, life and death. Creative energy emerges and submerges throughout the seasonal cycles, both individually and collectively. Time does not matter to nature or God, only man cares about time.  

I have several other ideas floating around in my mind, my intention is to have a magnificent piece of art work facing Collierville-Arlington Road when the gates are closed, and two separate pieces facing those patients and patrons coming and going when the gates are open. When I get the shop drawings finished, I will post them in the blog, hopefully soon.  

Thanks for your support! I send love and light to all that read my blog (funny word).  


Posted by Katie Reed at 5:13 PM
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