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Run Faster


What does the next few weeks bring to the world surrounding the Stone? The Holidays.

The word holiday has an interesting feel to it. It seems to spark emotions in people one way or another. A woman came into the office yesterday stating that her sons and daughter-in-laws still haven't opened their Christmas presents from last year. She was profoundly disturbed over the lack of love and charity in her life. I told her that money could not buy happiness and gifts could not mend broken relationships. She was not looking forward to the coming holiday season.

Another patient spoke about her recent weight loss and concern over potential weight gain during the holiday season. Over the past nine months, she had lost about seventy five pounds. She said the circumference on her bra strap went from over fifty inches to thirty-eight inches. She was concerned about her accomplishments because the holidays made her hungry. She spoke about the foods that were prepared for her family gatherings. She was asking for coping skills to help her strengthen her discipline for controlled eating. I told her a story related to my college head football coach:

It was a beautiful fall day. The sky was bright blue and cloudless. I approached Coach Racklovitz before practice and asked him how I could run faster. I told him that I wanted to improve my acceleration since my velocity at top speed was excellent. I just needed to get to my peak velocity faster. Get a quicker start. He looked at me as said, "What's your major?" I replied, "I am without a major. I am pre-med." I was a junior at the time. He replied, "Football players don't do pre-med." I smiled, "I'm pre-med. I'm your first one coach." He looked puzzled, "Son. You sound like a physics major or something. Are you a nerd? Cause you sure are a great linebacker. I think you just need to be two inches taller and twenty pounds heavier. Can't grow more. Can't add weight. So what do you want?" I replied, "I want to run faster. Have a quicker start. Work on my technique." Then he finished the conversation, "Son. The only way to run faster, is to run faster. It's just that simple. Run faster son. Now let's get to work." Then he trotted over to the middle of the field, blew his whistle and signaled the start of our second full team practice of the day. I ran as fast as I could. I have never stopped thinking about running faster. I can hardly run now.

I looked at the patient, "The only way to be more disciplined around food is to be more disciplined around food. That's all I got for you." She smiled and said, "I get the message. I'll give it my best."

My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving. Since I was a child, I have always looked forward to being with people I enjoy, eating a high quality, home cooked meal and listening to stories great and small. There are no gifts to buy, no need to apologize for being yourself and watching the Lions Football Team struggle on television.

Once Thanksgiving is over, the madness of the Christmas Holiday takes root and everyone loses their mind. Every year, discipline goes out the window. People eat too much, spend too much, travel too much, expect too much and give too much. Everything suffers as a result of the human desire to fit the mold of the perfect consumer: Consume everything possible.

My typical response to Christmas is to make most of my gifts for people I care about. I enjoy doing for others that way. A season of handmade art and cards are what I look forward to. Spending alone time in my studio is my most precious and valued commodity. For me, everything revolves around the idea that what is made by hand is most precious. I ask my children to give me a handmade card each year, and they do. I cherish those cards. They are not complex cards of soppy words of love and commitment, they are fun and light hearted, and filled with Truth of all kinds: Out of the mouth of babes.

I also enjoy cooking an Armenian meal for my family. It's rare to find the time to prepare foods in an old fashioned authentic Armenian way. Some dishes take two days to prepare before cooking. I make time. I have never regretted making food or gifts. A piece of my Soul is a part of those things. That is what I enjoy, sharing whatever I can with whomever I choose.

Our lives are swiftly approaching the Holidays. Time waits for no man, life is often reckless and punishing if you let it become that. Expectations of others will consume you in the season of consumption. I wish everyone could see the approaching holiday season in a healthy, kind spirited way. What about discipline in a time when gluttony in all forms can wreak havoc in our minds?

"Son. The only way to run faster, is to run faster. It's just that simple. Run faster son."  Brilliant profound simple words.


Posted by Amanda Sanders at 8:53 AM
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