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Nature Oriented Consciousness

I suspect that many of us have some sort of a unique schema associated with our projections of nature. Many say they love nature. Some want to live in nature because it is so peaceful. Others desire to return to nature and embrace everything natural. The true facts of nature are lost in our projections. Most of us wouldn't survive a day in nature’s primitive and undisturbed state. Not all things natural are healthy for us.

Nature surrounds us. It is the all of it: climate, terrain, vegetation, soil, water, lower life forms, animals, and humans. Each entity is in itself whole and simultaneously a part of some other whole. Each thing or process that exists is a part of something else. Nature is made up of whole/parts in all directions, East, West, North, South, all the way up and all the way down. Nature is in constant motion -- motion for motion's sake. The whole of each moment is simply a part of the next moment's whole, indefinitely. At no point do we have the whole of nature. There are only whole/parts forever interacting and creating new whole/parts.

The process of nature is simple: death gives way to life. Life is nourished by death in all of its stages. The closer to death something is assimilated, the better the sustenance. Nature is brutal. Nature shows no mercy. Nature is life on life. Beautiful landscapes, bodies of water, and deserts merely serve as different environments to provide vital food for the diverse animals and microbes that inhabit our planet.

People who wish to live in a nature oriented consciousness must be of an earth cultivating mindset. First, they must not only recognize the whole/part reality, they must also recognize where they themselves fit into the scheme of things. Man has a particularly unique position in nature, since we consider ourselves superior to nature. Nature oriented people will need to renounce their thrones and put themselves in accord with nature to be effective in nature. They should recognize the innate conflicts man has with nature and the natural conflicts man has with himself. In a nature oriented consciousness, the same power that gives a flower life gives man life. It is all one energy, it just manifests in different whole/parts. Gratitude for the provisions that befall is essential; we must not over indulge. Human relationships take on a different flavor when people have a nature oriented consciousness since there is no such thing as natural moral law.

People today generally live in a socially oriented consciousness. They are of a group cultivating mindset. Their whole/part reality is primarily based on relationships within family, personal community, city, county, state, and country. It seems to be in that order. The idea here is not to live in accord with nature, but to control it. In some traditions, nature may be seen as evil. Man cannot control nature in any form despite hundreds of thousands of attempts to do so. Nature does not conform to the linear ego man has constructed. Man may organize nature in some fashion, but nature still operates independently within man's structures. I have found that people who seek to remain in confined communities, usually project their natural aggression outward. Participation and love pertain only to the in-group, and the out-group is absolutely other. Socially oriented societies show mercy on their own, but anyone outside their boundaries is denied acceptance. I suspect that socially oriented consciousness holds contempt for nature, while nature oriented consciousness celebrates it.

Living an authentic healthy life requires us not only to perform the rituals of daily living, but also understand the meaning of the rituals themselves. Having a daily dance is mere motion unless meaning is lived through each dance step. Man should eat in accord with nature to be healthy. The essence of proper nutrition depends on it.

Decide your personal orientation --nature or social-- and assess its impact on your health and wellbeing. Be honest with yourself, and find ways to open yourself to new wholes, which become new parts of new wholes. Your life will have meaning, and just doing for doing sake will stop taking life's center stage.

You will be richer for it. You will unfold, emerge and do it all again.

Posted by Katie Reed at 4:30 PM
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