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This past week sparked many ideas about my blogs: the politics of our land, the patients' chief complaints, discussing various brands of religion, the news media, the over use of social media, etc., etc. Finding a subject for a relatively short blog is sometimes difficult at the same time challenging. Today, I choose to write about nature.

There are times we all have something or someone we have to face for whatever reason. Sometimes we are profoundly disturbed by the death of a friend, loved one or a public figure who represented all that was good in life. Even more important, the daily experiment of just existing, surviving the morass of relationships that initially started out with great intentions, only to have one of the two involved become emotionally or physically abusive. It is a strange world indeed, in so many ways.

One the greatest understandings in life is that time waits for no one. Time which is actually a construction of space and the Earth's movement around the sun, is an amazingly complicated concept to which everyone must adjust. I have friends that deny time. But regardless of their world views, they succumb to the slavery of time just like everyone else. If we view our lives as a closet, we often find that time stuffs so much into that small storage space that our breathing is contested minute to minute. If anyone has just an ember of life within them, a large sucking sound can be heard as time vacuums every bit of space left. There is seldom time for solitude and reflection in a quiet, peaceful space.

There is much to say about ritual. Ritual keeps us whole in the whirlwinds of chaos. Ritual provides an anchor in rough waters, keeps us tethered to the correct course in life regardless of its distractions. Everyone should embrace some form of ritual in their daily lives. And when the ritual is challenged by time, ritual should win out because time will ruin ritual, ultimately leaving us with a sense of abandonment.

Where does nature fit in all of this? Nature is all of this and more. We are all a part of nature in every way. We cannot escape nature. The forces of nature are absolute. The laws of nature govern us even though we wish to believe in some form or fashion that we have conquered nature. Some believe nature is responsible for the fall of mankind and those same people have vowed to destroy nature. Others believe nature is to be ravaged and plundered for its valuable resources. There's gold in them there hills.

Nature has all the answers. I have yet to see a deer in my back yard carry a cell phone or have a twitter account. I do not see crows hustling to get in line for tickets to a rock and roll concert. Although offspring who are born to the animal kingdom are guarded and protected while they are defenseless, creatures seem to know instinctively when to let their offspring go, some even kick them out of their nest, forcing independence on them. Nature has seasons, cycles of change. Each season is unpredictably unpredictable. Animals seem to thrive in this environment. People get annoyed with change, animals seem to embrace it. Animals have a way of understanding the harshness of nature and the absolute power it wields. People seem to look into the eye of the storm and believe they alone have the power to thwart a force greater than any on Earth. Death is unbecoming when it is married with ignorance or neglect.

I think everyone should sit in nature and listen. From time to time, just remain still in a field or forest, make time for the waves of the ocean, climb a mountain to experience a waterfall, visit an animal sanctuary or nature preserve, kayak or canoe down a creek or river, anything to experience nature in its unfettered form. It's better than indulging in cake, cookies, pizza, alcohol, heroine, pornography or any other vice man has created. Sitting quietly down will calm the spirit, free the soul to connect back to nature in ways that nothing else can. It is not important to go to Disney World to wait in long lines for hours to experience a man made attraction of some sort: an artificial experience in an artificial world. It is important to hear the sounds of nature communicating, see the movements and currents of life and feel the wonders and splendors of nature in all of its dimensions.

It's never too cold. It's never too hot. It's never too wet. It's never too dry.

Make a change in your life. Carve out time to experience nature. I think men and women who hunt in the woods for hours get healing just being in nature. They seem to experience something that makes them want to return as soon as possible, over and over again. Those that take it to the extreme usually succumb to nature's force. There are young reckless Grizzly bear hunters, there are old Grizzly bear hunters, but there are no old reckless Grizzly bear hunters.

Take a moment, a time out and experience breathing in nature for a few minutes every week. I suspect your cluttered world will become less cluttered and the illusion of time will seem more abundant. What do you have to lose? Time?


Posted by Amanda Sanders at 12:02 PM
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