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Hell Town Revisited

The move to Eads was an adventure. One that started with mallet only needed shelves Thursday and ended on Easter Sunday.

We have left Cordova, and The Stone Institute is now officially in Eads, Tennessee. We are located in a small area once known as Hell Town. Neighbors say that years ago, when the railroad serviced the area, Eads had a railroad depot. Every shotgun house located around the depot housed either gambling saloons or brothels. Patrons from the City of Memphis frequented Hell Town for fun and debauchery. Hell Town was far enough from the city center that Memphis ministers and politicians did not shut the area down. It was a popular destination.

Over the past 150 years, the railroad has gone out of business. The depot has long been torn down. The brothels and gambling houses have all but disappeared. The area called Hell Town changed. Our office is located where an old single room schoolhouse once was erected.

The entire planning, building and moving process was exhausting. In the end, fourteen-hour workdays gave way to a place that is industrial, full of life and dedicated to the creative arts. Within a building on one side of the property, there is a dedicated staff finding answers to mystery illnesses and chronic ailments that no one else understands. It is The Stone Institute, The Center for the Medicinal Arts. On the other side of the property, there is a building and staff dedicated to the unfoldment of the creative arts. I have always believed that when the poet, the painter, the sculptor, the scientist, the physician, the healer, and the laborer all work together for the greater good of mankind, an amazing order will emerge. A new order of health and healing will unfold. Everyone will be able to experience the effects of nature healing the infirm.

The mission of the campus is to bring humanity a sure pure freedom to express the fundamentals of grace, wisdom, and joy. I will attempt to stay in accord with the fractal patterns of nature to bring about healing and awareness. We will not hold nature in our grasp, we will let nature hold us and show us the way to healing through its rejuvenating powers.

In the future, much will unfold. Many new and different expressions of health, healing, and art in all of its forms will be embraced and displayed for both private and public view. I envision a place where the old gives way to the new, the modern, and the most current, while at the same time not forgetting the past, but learning from it. There is a beauty that freedom brings to the power of transcendence.

The investment in Hell Town will ultimately lead to a district in Memphis that connects the creative with the healing arts. The move is over. The commencement of transformation to the district of health and healing has begun.

Let's see where it leads.

Posted by Megan Denney at 8:52 AM
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