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Happy St. Valentine's Day

There are many who deny
The existence of unconditional love.
Only a feeling of the modern self
Is all we are allowed to know.
Our ancient soul directs our true self
As it hikes through deep unconditional
Love-filled unconscious shadow lands.
Man’s appetite for love is insatiable
At the same time, it lacks discernment.

Pain is often accepted out of desperation as a substitute.

But not on this day,
Because we proclaim that
Unconditional love is an essential force of
Nourishment for our human community.

Let this day honor a kind and caring love.
And may the selfless Spirit of Joy
Warm your heart,
As you reflect on those people you love,
And those who love you.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!
Posted by Katie Reed at 2:37 PM
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