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Big Red Gates

Can I crawl to this place of Healing?
What happened to me?
I remember a time when:
I welcomed the sunrise.
I could smile .
I could walk in the coldest rain.
I could dance to the softest music.
I could swim in the deepest water.
I could make love until I was breathless.
Slowly each part of me deserted to the other side.
My Being changed to follow a different trail.
My mind betrayed me.
My body hurt all over.
I live in a bed of pain.
I cannot think.
I am imprisoned by a mystery of misery.
I walk with Morpheus when I sleep.
My children do not recognize me.
My husband feels abandoned.
My life is an ancient ruin.

Can I crawl to this place of healing?
Is there a fountain where healthy, vibrant water flows?
I wish to drink.
I want to feel the sunlight bake my skin.
I want the gray dark clouds to disappear.
I want the thunder in my head to stop.
Before I arise from the dead, I must decide.
No matter the toll.
I must accept and transcend that which ails me.
I must see through the illusion of disability.
I must commit to my authentic self.
I must follow my own unique path out of the forest of disease.
I must thank all that nourishes my body.
I must cleanse my past, it is not permanent.
I must wash away my fears.
I must release my expectations of the future.
I must live in the moment and forgive the torment.
I must change.

Show me the way.
Light my journey.
I will bravely begin at the Big Red Gates.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © 23 March 2014

Posted by Katie Reed at 8:15 AM
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