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Another Step

Another Step

Over the years, I have found that many people seek some sort of Divine Truth. In my faith portion of our medical history inventory, I ask questions about each patient's spiritual or religious understandings. Many ask me why. It is probably the most important part of the intake questionnaire. We affectionately call this survey the long form.

What people do not grasp is the depth that religious or spiritual beliefs penetrate into our cognitive processes and how it interferes with our everyday decisions. Yes, I used the term interferes instead of guides. On the other hand, many of my patients have the world view that a strong investment in rituals and values associated with religious constructs glues our society together. If it were not for religion, they believe that the world would be in great chaos and society as a whole would be stripped of any real compassion for others. I do not subscribe to that world view. Just look around you, be honest with yourself and see what is happening everywhere. Religion has polarized the entire planet and brought death, dying and destruction everywhere. The world appears more chaotic than ever, even the City of Memphis lacks any cohesiveness. The medical industry lost its compassion for the infirm many, many years ago. It has always been a choice to be compassionate to others, not a religious law: Thou shall be compassionate to thy neighbor is not in the Ten Commandments.

Although we all have shadows deep inside our conscious mind, places or thoughts that frighten us, these shadows have great gold in them. These are the very disturbances that bring us enlightenment in one form or another. These are those ideas that make us uncomfortable. The closer these thoughts get to the conscious mind, the entire sense of self is shaken. Anxiety creeps into every waking moment, patients find themselves hiding their truth because they do not want anyone to know they are in crisis. They have this innate fear of being judged by others. Patients anchor past psychosocial traumas in a harbor located in the rough seas of the unthinkable. When these thoughts break away from their tethers, they are held back in check by religion and the illusion of unconditional love. How many times have you heard people say they are married to their soul mates and when they vacation, they go to separate places or they sleep in separate beds for whatever reason. It is not ancient eternal wisdom that keeps people in a unhealthy relationships, most of the time it is their religious beliefs or some concept that was constructed in their worldview that had a religious foundation. People who have the idea that marriage is everlasting, build lives together. Their economic and emotional wealth is enmeshed. And it seems that the wealthier they become, the more emotionally unstable their marriage becomes. They are often left with the decision to change something, but their religion forbids them to do the right thing. And an added stressor, how can the money be split in order for both to be whole? It cannot.

If we stripped away the concept of Heaven, where would we get our understanding of the afterlife? I have pondered this questions hundreds of times. I doubt I will ever Know the answer, but each time I go through the exercise, I find new possibilities. Most of our patients who are members of the Stone Institute believe in angels and heaven in some form or fashion. But what happens when the day comes when the human vessel is no longer breathing, eating, drinking, or pumping blood? I submit the Soul leaves the center of its existence. The Soul envelops the body, it does not live within the confines of the skin and connective tissues. It is much too powerful to be hidden away behind a rib cage or under the stomach's omentum. It is a powerful energy that lives in synergy with our fragile plasmoid selves. The Soul cannot be destroyed by physical trauma, violent verbal assaults or emotional crises. It might separate from our conscious mind when it appears that our behaviors are not in accord with the worldviews of our Soul, but it will never abandon us.

Living on Earth is dense. Our personal world is shaped by the natural forces that inhabit the place in which we choose to live. Gravity is one of the most mysterious forces of all. Our vessel is affected by gravity and we have an idea of how we are keep on the surface of the Earth without simply floating away, we can even calculate its force on us and other objects, but the force itself is an amazing mystery. It does not affect small particles or subatomic structures. It does not affect our Souls. Our Souls are light and they behave like waves and particles at the same time. Our dense vessels do not have two simultaneous forms. It is just one big cup of water that eats, moves, runs, walks, copulates and swims. Our vessels are stimulated by flight, fright, fight and sex. Our Souls transcend all of our earthly consciousnesses.

Our life is not in order. Things do not happen for a reason, they just happen. We collide every day with our life forms like small particles in the subatomic realm. We bounce into each other, projecting our worldviews into each other and observing the reality that unfolds. Conflict occurs when our projections are not in accord with our reality. Religion serves both to create our worldview and an avenue to deny our conflict with reality so we may continue in relationships that are unhealthy but self serving and similar to others. Religion allows birds of a feather to flock together. It does not mean that the flock is healthy and living in accord with nature. Some flocks are intolerant, judgmental and disturbed. Many times, religion serves as a way to assign meaning to our random encounters: It's all in God's Plan. Sadly, God does not have a plan. Other people have a plan for us and use God as a tool to execute it, sometimes for good, sometimes for evil.

Once our body dies, the Soul leaves and escapes into the ethers. Our Souls are light and fast, they travel in an atmosphere that is far less dense and spatially vast. They adjust and find spaces to live in just like we do on Earth. But their encounters with other Souls are less frequent, their worldviews are adjusted to be in accord with the afterlife. Our Souls are everlasting just as our physical deaths are eternal.

When you collide into someone or something that is not in accord with your nature or an honest healthy worldview, set another course for another collision. If over time your religion has made you ill, find another way to experience God. There are plenty of them out there. From what I can tell, our world is looking more like a great Thought Experiment instead of a great Divine Machine.

So get your thinking caps on, feel the ground as you walk barefooted and think about what you are feeling. Health is just another step in the right direction. You really do not have a choice.

Posted by Amanda Sanders at 9:18 AM
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