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Alchemist's Affirmations

Alchemist’s Affirmations

The New Year is upon us which means most of us have made some New Year's Resolutions. I have thought about my resolutions, and I have come up with a few. I hope these ancient affirmations will help everyone on their journeys of life in 2016. I know they will help me.

1. Embracing change will lead to vitality.

Many of us want to keep everything the way it has been for as long as possible. The very idea of change for most people produces anxiety and change can become very disturbing. The Universe thrives on change. Our planet Earth is a subpopulation of the Universe and must therefore follow the laws of change. This year is about change from Presidential elections to ushering in a new Memphis Mayor. The healthcare act goes into full force this year and the world seems to be in a state of chaos, which will ultimately lead to change. Embrace change and discard the need to remain in the same place, doing the same thing over and over again. Change something small first, then move on to bigger and greater things. One success leads to another.

2. When I choose energizing change, I win. When I choose the status quo, I lose.

When change is made, find the solution to energize yourself. Get excited about the newness of what you eat, how you exercise, how you relate your authentic self to others and do not be afraid of how others will see your decision making. They are not you.

Create a morning ritual that allows you to see the world in a positive way, even if your life is full of worry, stress and illness. I do not believe in mind over matter. However, seeing your glass as half full is always more satisfying than looking at it as half empty.

3. The alternative to change is stagnation.

Who wants to drink from a stagnant pool of water? So stop living a stagnant life. It is toxic to the Soul. Try to express yourself in authentic ways. Those who call themselves your friends or support people will either continue their relationships or drown in the wake of your authentic behavior. Change is inevitable. Stagnation is poisonous.

4. As I empower others, they recognize my worth.

Grasp the idea that empowering others allows them to see who you really are. Many of us are almost micromanaged by others, kept in an invisible cage by morality, values and worldviews, many of which are not our own. Take your masks off, let others live their lives according to their worldviews and enjoy them for who they are. They will recognize who you are and see that by freeing them from your vice grip of expectation, they will recognize and celebrate your worth. That will help fertilize your self-worth, it will grow and you will be encouraged to develop your authenticity to its greatest extent possible. Remember that unsolicited advice, no matter how heartfelt and true will only be received as criticism. Wait for the question, answer with a kind and gentle firmness.

5. When I look deeply into others’ values and motives, I know whom to trust.

Evaluate everyone whom you come in contact with and enquire about their true authentic selves. Look deeply into their worldviews and motivations. Then and only then will you know whom to trust. You need not trust the world, just a few honest people who affirm you in every way. A true friend has the ability to assess your life with you, recognize its flaws and speak softly about your lack of fulfillment or proper demeanor when the time is right. True friends are rare. Remember rule number one of the Jungle: Trust No One. You must know someone deeply in order to trust them.

I hope these affirmations help you in the New Year. They are taped up on my Kitchen counter for me to read each and every day. One thing is certain for the year 2016: change is coming!

Be prepared!

Posted by Amanda Sanders at 9:17 AM
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