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History People have a tough time being sick or ill for any prolonged length of time. I would like to perform a study to calculate the average duration of illness patients had before they decided to come to the Stone. I believe it will be roughly two years or more. In that two years span of time, they have typically seen a multitude of physicians and specialists of all kinds, have had numerous studies performed and have been prescribed at least ten medications, most of which do nothing... Read More
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Fantasies There seems to be an unlimited number of opportunities for all of us to be thankful. Many times we lose our perspective of what to be thankful for. One thing I am thankful for: Dreaming. Dreams are classically described as successions of images ,  thoughts ,  feelings , and  awarenesses that usually occur in the unconscious mind during certain stages of sleep . Dreams are mysterious at best. Why do we dream? No one knows, but everyone has an opinion... Read More
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All That JAS

All That JAS Fall is a season that brings changes in our lives. As cooler weather arrives, daylight lessens per day and people ready themselves for the holidays. Holidays can be amazing, but the stress of the celebrations can be profound. Some social activities are demanding, some are perceived more taxing than they really are. Several weeks ago, a mother and father brought their nine year-old son to me for evaluation. He is a delightful young lad. The first thing anyone notices about... Read More
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