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PBMs What has happened to the world of pharmacy? In the not too distant past, people would walk to their neighborhood drug store, drop off their prescriptions and for a reasonable price, buy their medications. Pharmacists were committed to their communities and were an invaluable resource to their patrons. It was not uncommon for pharmacists and physicians to talk on the phone about cases and medications that might help reduce the symptoms of a disease. Sounds like a Norman Rockwell... Read More
Posted by Amanda Sanders at Tuesday, June 20, 2017 | 0 comments
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Culling of the Herd

Culling of the Herd When was the last time you were asked for advice and the person asking for the advice did not accept any of your opinions about the situation? You gave not just one or two options, but three or four solution variations and they were dismissed as impossible. I experienced that circumstance just within the last two weeks. It made for a frustrating day. First and foremost, caring for the infirm is a complex, complicated job. It requires a great amount of grace and front... Read More
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Lord Of The Flies

Lord Of The Flies How valuable is it to have a routine? A ritual that guides us through our days either hard or good, happy or sorrowful, invigorated or painful. A ritual anchors us in a sea of psychosocial trauma. Writing this blog has become a ritual for me, a Saturday morning ritual. I look forward to getting up early to compose another thought filled commentary about the week that has passed or an idea free floating in my mind. Last week, my ritual was broken. Several things took... Read More
Posted by Amanda Sanders at Tuesday, June 6, 2017 | 0 comments
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